Subscription features

Overview of subscription plan features

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There are a number of tier options for your account. Timetoast continues to offer a free plan where you can publish as many timelines as you want. Premium plans offer a number of other features.

Subscription tiers

There are three subscription plans available to Timetoast users: Public, Basic and Pro. Check out the plans page to see which features are available on each plan.


Ad free

Premium account owners and members won't see any ads when they are signed in. The ad supported Public plan allows users to create unlimited published timelines for free.

Timelines limits

You can publish as many timelines as you would like on any of the plans. Premium plan members can also have unlimited draft (unpublished) timelines.

Timeline embeds

You can add embed your timeline on another website. For example, you might have an article or a blog on another site and want to add a timeline to it.

Premium plan members are able to embed timelines on another website. You can also customize embed colors on the Pro plan, to match your company colors for example.

Customizing timeline colors

Our Pro plan allows you to customize the color scheme of timelines when embedded on another web page.


Timetoast was built with collaboration in mind and our premium plans allow you to collaborate on timelines with other Timetoast members. You can also decide who can view and edit your timelines.

Premium account members have the option to make projects editable by other account members, or just by yourself.

Create groups

On the premium plans, you can add members to your account and organize them into groups or teams. You can also invite a Timetoast user to your group and allow them to collaborate and edit your timelines.

For example, teachers can organize students into different classes, a project manager can organize team members into different projects or a manager can organize team members by department.

Comment moderation

For greater control over your timelines, premium plan members can moderate the comments on their timelines and choose whether to hide/show each of the comments.

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