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Advanced features overview

Understanding all the features available on Timetoast

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Premium account holders have access to a number of features. To understand the differences between the account tiers, check out the Plans page. You can switch your plan at any time.


The premium plans allow you to collaborate on timelines with other people. You can also decide who can view and edit your timelines.

Multiple members of a group can collaborate on a project and make changes to a timeline. You can also:

  • Share your timelines with other account members, group members or other users not in your account

  • Grant permissions to other users, or make the timeline only viewable/editable by yourself

  • View or change permissions for each timeline at any time from the share panel

Adding members to your account

To add users to your account, navigate to the People tab and click the 'Add people +' button. You have two options for inviting users:

  1. Invite by Email/Username: Send an invitation directly to their email or by entering their username. Upon accepting the invitation and completing their registration, they will automatically be added as members of your account.

  2. Use a Sign-Up Code: Provide users with a sign-up code that they can enter at the top of the plans page during registration. This will automatically add them as members of your account upon completing their registration.

Alternatively, You can also create a group within your account. Once a group is created, a group sign-up code will be generated. Share this code with individuals you wish to add to your account, and they will automatically become members of both your account and the specified group upon registration.

If you have user accounts created before March 2024 that haven't been activated yet, you will also see the "Print activation links" option. To activate these users, use the checkboxes to select them, then click "Print activation links." You'll be directed to a page where you can print their unique activation links. Please note that we have streamlined our account creation process and no longer support this feature.

Note, if you’re on the free account, you won’t be able to add additional account members.

Removing users

To remove a user from your account, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "People" tab.

  2. Select the user you want to remove by checking the corresponding checkbox.

  3. Tap or click the "Delete" button to remove the user.

Please note that this action will permanently delete the user along with all their timelines and any other data associated with your account. However, if the user is also a member of another account, only the content they created within your account will be deleted. This action is irreversible, so please ensure you are deleting the correct user(s).

Adding groups

From your dashboard, click on the ‘Groups’ tab.

Click or press ‘Add group +’ and fill in a name for your group. Press ‘Create group’ and you will automatically be taken to your newly created group. By default you will automatically be added as a member of your new group.

You can see all the groups you’ve created, or are a member of, under the groups tab.

Members of a group can work together on a timeline or just let other group members view the group timelines. See the 'Giving others access to your projects' section below for more detailed instructions.

Account-level privacy

By default, timelines can be seen and edited by all your account members. Premium account holders can make timeline projects only editable by themselves, which will hide them from their other account members in the process.

If there are account-level privacy settings on a timeline, you will see a lock next to the timeline title.

If you add account members in the future, your existing projects will be editable by them. If you don't want that, just switch those projects to only be editable by yourself before adding them.

Note, only premium plan account holders can change account-level privacy.

Giving others access to your projects

You can share access to your projects in a number of ways:

  • With your other account members:

    1. Just select "Account members" under the "Editable by" section of your timeline project and your other account members will be able to see and edit it.

  • With another user not in your account:

    1. From your timeline edit page, click the "share" link in the timeline menu.

    2. Click "Share with a user" and enter their Timetoast username.

  • With members of a group:

    1. Create a group, or be invited to one.

    2. From your timeline edit page, tap or click the triple dot icon, then select "share".

    3. Tap or click "Share with a group".

    4. Choose the group you would like to share with as well as the level of access you wish to grant.

    5. Press 'Grant access'.

Previously granted permissions can be revoked from the "share" panel too. Just click the "See current permissions" link and revoke the permission you want to remove.

Note: You can also make a timeline publicly viewable by publishing it. You can use the share button to then retrieve the public link.

Embedding timelines

Your timeline needs to be published to be embeddable on another site.

When viewing or editing your timeline:

  1. Tap or click the triple dot icon in your timeline header.

  2. Tap or click the "Share" option.

  3. Tap or click the "Embed" tab to display the embed code options. We support standard Iframe embedding and oEmbed.

To customize the embed code tap or click "Customize your code" when viewing the embed tab.

We don't enforce a limit on the number of embedded views you can have.

Customizing timeline colors

Our Pro plan allows you to customize the color scheme of timelines when embedded on another web page.

You can change your color scheme by tapping or clicking the "Customize your code" button when embedding and then tapping or clicking the color scheme.

Comment moderation

For greater control over your timelines, you can also moderate the comments on your timelines. View the comments written on each timeline and choose whether to hide/show each of the comments.

From the timeline dashboard, tap or click the triple dot icon of the timeline you wish to moderate and select ‘Moderate’. This will display all the comments on the timeline.

You can select the comments you would like to hide or show by checking the comment and selecting ‘show selected’ or ‘hide selected’.

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