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What is Timetoast?

A web-based tool to create interactive visual timelines. Learn about how to get started.

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Timetoast is the place to make interactive timelines on the web. Use it to visually map out and share events, stories, historical data and future plans. Whether you’re creating historical timelines of important events, building a roadmap for a new product launch or planning a family vacation, Timetoast makes it easy to create, collaborate and share visually appealing timelines.

What can I do with Timetoast?

  • Create an interactive Timeline in minutes

  • Share events, stories and historical data in chronological order

  • Collaborate with teammates on timeline projects

  • Create groups to manage multiple projects, share with different teams or assign tasks

  • Keep track of timelines created by your team members or students

  • Decide who you want to share your timelines with

  • Embed your timeline using your brand colors on a company website

To get started, create your account.

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