Closing your account

How to close your Timetoast account and remove your data

Updated over a week ago

We’re sorry to see you go, but if you need to close your account you can do so at any time from the Subscription section. Go to Account › Subscription › Close your account.

Closing your account will remove all your data from the site, including any additional user accounts you may have created with your premium account, unless they are also members of another account. Closing your account will also cancel any active subscriptions, after which you will no longer be billed.

If you email or message us requesting your account to be closed, we may not be able to respond to your request before your next invoice is due. This could potentially result in unwanted charges. Because of this, we kindly request that you close your own account by visiting the Subscription section and using the “Close your account” link, which will close your account immediately. If you choose to email or message us to close your account, please do so through our contact page at least five days before your next invoice is due.

Please note that we send billing and account updates from an unmonitored email address.

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